FTMMen reviewFTMMen review

FTMMen review

Site Overview

Great HD transsexual porn site, FTMMen is a must-visit community for gay porn lovers who are looking for unique hardcore actions! The stunning cis men and transmen in this community sport something extraordinary between their muscular legs and you can only watch in awe as they are fucking pussies and buttholes!

The models are all hot and game and they are more than willing to lick and suck their fellow performers’ bodies. There are solo scenes that feature heavy and efficient usage of sex toys, blowjobs, fisting, rimming, and gagging! You’ll get slim, fit, and athletic performers, with most of them sporting tattoos and piercings that make them look even hotter!

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Design and features

After a few minutes of exploring, regardless of whether you are a newbie or not, you would surely agree that FTMMen breaks premium standards in terms of how porn movies should be presented. Everything is neat and relaxing to look at. The menus and video sections are easy to identify and access. Indeed, the smart manner of organizing the xxx materials allows you to go anywhere on the website without feeling lost or confused. These excellent features are made even more irresistible by the site’s impressive loading speed. You can go from one video to another, hop from one page to another, or return to where you’ve started without blinking an eye.

Perhaps, the only drawback that you can see on this trans porn site is the number of scenes. However, since the site was only launched last November, the current size of the collection is pretty much self-explanatory. Anyway, the oozing quality and production value of the movies would surely make you forget your worries about the quantity. After all, the site is active and benefits from two to three updates per month.

Shemales and videos

FTM stands for female-to-male performers. The adult entertainment industry has grown to such a massive size to the point that you have millions of options at your fingertips. However, even if you can get quick results when you run a search on the net, you might quickly agree that it’s still rare to find FTM performers who are willing to go all the way. Lucky for you, FTMMen has brought together the industry’s hottest and most delectable performers for this niche.

You’ll get famous faces and newcomers. They might differ in terms of popularity but rest assured that they are all professionals when it comes to gay sex. Everything is hardcore, as in pure hardcore –deep, intense, and mind-blowing. Some of the performers that would surely leave a mark in your memory are Beaux James, Bailey Wylde, Axel Black, Brayden St. James, Jesse Diamond, Sean Duran, and Connor Taylor.


FTMMen is one of the newest players in the industry in terms of offering FTM-focused hardcore movies. However, the creators are evidently no stranger when it comes to content presentation. You can quickly see their skills once you’ve landed on the official website –it’s vibrant and eye-catchy with those super-naughty welcome video banners and huge movie thumbnails. Even if the site isn’t yet complete in terms of interactive features, you would surely appreciate the simple yet effective and user-friendly layout.

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