FemdomLoft reviewFemdomLoft review

FemdomLoft review

Site Overview

Having the control on everything is indeed a very self gratifying experience. But how about when this sexy tigress will be the dominant one while you are fucking each other? Would you still feel the pleasure? My answer is definitely a YES! It might seem new to you if you let her take charge over your love making session, but I promise you, the experience is just too pleasurable for you to have any regrets. It is quite ironic that letting her rule over you, watching her fulfills her wildest dirty bed room fantasies, would give you so much satisfaction and excitement. You will still be in control in a way since you are giving her the chance to unleash her inner controlling goddess.

You will see her in a different perspective, a more aggressive and demanding woman that you can’t say no to. In FEMDOM Loft, you will see a lot of these horny mistresses act as a boss and make the guys swoon over them and be their slaves. They will do all kinds of things to the guy, make him do things that are normally embarrassing, and he will follow them without question whatever it is his master bids him to do. Why wouldn’t it? After all, they are totally scorching hot! This kind of adult film will definitely make you horniest guy on the whole wide world. Just expect that loads of your love juice will be release in no time.

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Design and features

FEMDOM Loft is an adult site that offers mainly female dominance fetish. There are great performances of this gorgeous domme that really can turn you on. Each hot maiden is professional dominatrix that fulfills the dominant role in the film letting her precious slave do all the work she wants. Every FEMDOM session will keep you fascinated as you will be curious as to what will be the sadistic mistress’ next move to her ever obedient sub as she controls everything before reaching orgasm. FEMDOM Loft has a very user friendly webpage design. They made sure that you can easily navigate and search fast erotic videos and sexy photos. All their provocative content is alphabetically categorized and crystal clear images are in thumbnail format.

You can access almost everything in their website when you become their exclusive member plus you can get all unlimited free access to all 25 porn sites that they affiliated to. They gave high definition videos and photos. You can also stream and download the videos with any devices since they made it compatible to any software. You can also do advanced search which lets you find what you like in their gallery or slideshows for hands free viewing. They add something new every single day thus you can also update your selection of your FEMDOM favorites. You will surely enjoy every movie that they have and it will make you cum a lot!

Girls and videos

The daring vixens of FEMDOM Loft are very strict and sadistic mistresses who expect complete obedience and devotion from their slaves at all times. They want to practice and display their dominance and superiority in every role play with their sub. Just like in a normal BDSM relationship, there must be a strict compliance as to who will be the domme and who will play as the sub. They are demanding and controlling women who want to inflict discomfort with pleasure for their slaves. They are very gorgeous bosses. They want their sub to follow their rules without any hesitation or else they will be penalized. They want to take charge of everything. They want to rule over you! They want to be on top of everything. They are different from those shy girls you know, since they know exactly what it is they want and they get it by any means. These hot mistresses are the type you would want to hook up with.

They are the best girls in bed. They will surely make you cum despite the fact that you are spanked and tied in bed Each and every one of us has an adventurous side that wants to try things that pique our curiosity, even if it is considered taboo. Actually, the more a thing is considered forbidden, the more we want to try it out. It is part of human nature. Now, let us talk about the site’s content. This BDSM site offers video clips of men being dominated by none other than this site’s hottest, meanest, bossiest, most dominant women. Imagine yourself being blindfolded and handcuffed, not knowing what will happen next as you hear your domme smirk. Then all of a sudden, AHH! A sudden jolt of aching pleasure courses through your body which radiates to your genitals. A gratifying feeling you never expected you would get from being mistreated which others would consider hell.

By experiencing that pleasure, your mind would remember it well leaving you craving and begging for more. These women perform different kinds of acts. Some of these are whipping, slapping, spanking, electrocution (ouch!), trampling, etc. Some girls would command their sub to lick them clean and would sit on their face to effortlessly rub their private part on them. Some women also use strap-ons and would penetrate subs from behind. It would take an adventurous taste and an open mind to fully enjoy these videos


This site is definitely a must see. Seeing stunning women in kinky costume discipline their subs will surely make you want to register for the membership immediately. You will surely feel no regret joining this site as they give you only the best of what they do. You will get regular updates and latest videos which are definitely worth every cent you pay.

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