DudCast reviewDudCast review

DudCast review

Site Overview

Awesome 4K casting porn site, DudCast gives you the story of a cunning man who gets to taste fresh tits and pussies now and then! He goes around town hunting fresh and horny girls who he can easily lure into his dirty trap. With his prepared script filled with such flowery words, beautiful fame whores do not think twice about going with him for porn casting auditions.

Once inside his apartment, the man would require these ladies to do sexy solo scenes for him then eventually proceed to fucking them in all ways imaginable. Before the girls knew it was a fake casting, it was already too late! The only consolation is that they get to have insane hardcore orgasms.

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Design and features

This premium collection of fake casting videos is just getting started. However, you can expect the same top-notch user experience as those being offered on the site’s gigantic counterparts. The website’s layout and design are pretty basic, but you’d surely appreciate its simplicity if you’re a time-savvy user.

The landing page gives you the freshest updates. However, you can reorganize the videos as per your viewing habit and preference. The scenes are represented by crisp photos, title, description, model’s name, duration, and community ranking. Below each scene, you would find a Join Now button that takes you straight to the registration page. There are a few pages you can check out at the bottom, but that wouldn’t need that much attention, especially if you have hardcore casting videos that are so damn hot and good.

There’s nothing to worry about if you’re also after video quantity. This site is new, and, understandably, it needs some time to grow. But to ensure that you would never run out of hot videos to watch whenever you’re in the mood, the DudCast’s membership offer includes access to four bonus porn sites performing under the Slim4K label.

Girls and videos

It’s great to think that you can have sex with beautiful women any time you want. But, usually, that just happens in your imagination. However, is it really impossible? Maybe, you should get to know the brainy guy behind DudCast. He is not handsome or rich but he gets all the women he wants under his mercy.

All he has to do is to make them believe in his promises that he will help them get a big break in the adult entertainment industry. There are high-quality cameras as his props and well-written scripts that would make anyone believe in the story. It also helped that the beautiful girls he finds are often curious and horny, and they easily get attracted to the promise of xxx stardom.


When it comes to sex, some people are willing to do anything, even if they need to lie or cheat just to get what they want. Here at Dudcast, you’ll find the dirty yet addicting adventures of a man who doesn’t care if he gives empty promises to beautiful women who dream of becoming famous in the porn business. All he could ever care about is to get them naked and to fuck them while his cameras are rolling. Who cares about the girls’ wrath afterward when he has already popped their fresh cherries?

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