DoctorAdventures reviewDoctorAdventures review

DoctorAdventures review

Site Overview

Who says that being a doctor is too damn boring? Well, perhaps it could be especially when the doctor is doing his rounds. But what if I told you that there is more than that when you become a doctor. Imagine you are in control to almost everyone in the hospital. Aside from the patients, here come the nurses and other medical staff to make your day right.

You can tell your nurses to wear their white uniform together with their lingerie. A hot chick is sick and it seems to be that she has a high fever. Instead of the thermometer, you can check the temperature by using your dick in her mouth. This is what the DoctorAdventures is all about making your day right by giving you high-quality videos, several erotic films added on a daily basis and bring out the naughtiness in you.

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Design and features

I’m a fan of the hit movie series Doctor House M.D., we have one thing in common and that is sagging with porn sites or films during his spare time. Aside from being the best doctor in that particular hospital, most of the time, you can see him doing some strange things. But here in the DoctorAdventures, the doctors will cure you by prescribing to swallow his dick rather than pills. In case the patient is a guy, here comes a hot white chick doctor that will use her tongue to check your heart beat. There are plenty other naughty things you will see once you enter the site like hardcore action in the operating room, ass pounding in the doctor’s office, threesome in the locker room, and oral sex inside the morgue. (Okay, that was too scary). The site is one of the many porn site niches by the Brazzers Network.

The Network itself is known in the world of porn. Oh, by the way, there is also a mad horny scientist that will try and experiment something using his jizz to a hot beautiful specimen bitch. The site is framed with search features and advertisement by the network. The design is fully responsive allowing you to access the site by mobile phones and tablets.

The site boasts there 500 lists of episodes. They are available in many kinds of video format including MP4, Windows Media, Flash, and iPod/PSP. For streaming, it is highly recommended to use the Flash format in 1920×1080 screen size. For quality playbacks, Windows Media for downloads and MP4 for streaming. For the pictures, the site offers an overwhelming 494 galleries that contain 650 pictures and more. All the photos are in good shape taken from the videos. But, there are also poses that will keep your dick erected. These videos can be downloaded to your hard drive by using zip files.

The network promises that you will get your daily dose of updates featuring the most sophisticated hardcore scenes and photos. There are 28 bonus sites that you can access and they guarantee discreet billing. If these are not enough, then you can log into their model index and find your model. She will be your hostess for the night by making your body sweat by jerking off in front of the camera.

Girls and videos

Ryder Skye was rushed to the hospital not because she is sick or she needs a medication. She actually needs to satisfy her earthly pleasure and it seems like she can’t stop jerking off over and over again. Inside the emergency room, she uses different medical tools as a dildo and penetrates it in her itchy vulva. She uses the thermometer, the oxygen hose, some kind of a measuring tool and plenty other things that I usually see inside the emergency room. The two doctors come in on the set to check her out. She doesn’t mind and she continues to jerk off over and over again. The bed sheet is already wet with her liquid spewing almost everywhere. The taller doctor holds both of her arms and she goes wild as ever.

So, the other doctor strives to stop her and eventually he takes off his pants and show off his dick to the poor woman. The doctor penetrates his dick to the woman and I can see that the bitch calms down after she felt that meat. The other doctor follows and puts his dick in the woman’s mouth. The patient smiles back and sucks the white meat. After she tastes that sticky jizz, the doctors’ concluded that she is completely cured. The guy looks so very anxious because both of his balls are aching. He hopes that this is not a sign of a hernia so he decided to consult a doctor. The door opens and here comes a beautiful blonde doctor.

The doctor asks him if he wouldn’t mind taking off her pants and undies so the doctor could see her balls. The guy’s dick is fully erected while the doctor is holding both of his balls. She milks the dick, removes her clothes, does the boob job and blowjobs. She bends over and told the guy to penetrate his hard dick to her hairless pussy. He can’t help it but follow the doctor’s instruction. As soon as he unloads his sperm, the doctor asks the dude once again if his balls are still sore. The lucky guy told the good doctor that he no longer feel the sore. He is completely cured.


Pick up the phone and dial 911-f-u-c-k, schedule an immediate appointment. Soon the doctor will see you. For your kinky hospital fuck pleasure, whether it is code blue, red, or white, you can’t go wrong with the DoctorAdventures porn site. These doctors, nurses and staff will show off their dirtiness. They will make sure that your night will not be the same.

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