DocSquirt reviewDocSquirt review

DocSquirt review

Site Overview

Best 4K squirting porn site, DocSquirt is all about a very skilled doctor whose specialty is to make women ejaculate as they’ve never experienced before! This guy claims to be a doctor who knows what spot to press and what words to say to make every woman squirt like crazy. He deals with beautiful sweethearts who often experience troubles in achieving the ultimate female orgasm.

In some scenes, you would even meet lovely ladies who don’t even believe they can squirt, or that squirting is indeed possible. But clearly, after a trip to DocSquirt’s clinic, they already had a change of heart and will surely be having repeat sessions!

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Design and features

Sex between patients and doctors in porn movies is always exciting. As we all know, doctors have extensive knowledge about the human body. Clearly, the guy who calls himself an expert in making girls squirt is one of the most entertaining doctors you can ever meet in the world of adult entertainment. He knows all the kinky stuff that every woman would want to experience. But most importantly, he can turn every female that walks into his clinic into a squirting queen.

DocSquirt only offers a handful of scenes at the moment. However, the quality of the scenes is this community’s most commendable asset. The fairly-sized collection means you will have no trouble narrowing down your options. There’s a keyword search tool, lists of tags, and default content folders. Clearly, you can use these features when the site grows massive in the future. The videos, like the standard content presentation, come with photos, descriptions, and multiple options for streaming and downloading. Rating the videos and posting for comments are additional engagement features for members.

Girls and videos

DocSquirt is another creative porn collection from the creators of Slim4K. If you have ever visited this premium porn site in the past, then pretty much, you’ll get a solid idea about what you can expect from this channel once you become a member. The lead model who calls himself DocSquirt knows all the ins and outs of driving females toward unforgettable ejaculations.

Usually, he uses his skillful fingers to play with the girls’ clits and wet holes. He also encourages them to do handjobs and blowjobs while he is whispering dirty words and instructions that make the ladies feel hornier and more excited. The wild endings are always complemented with pussy fingering, anal fucking, double penetrations, facials, and even threesomes!


DocSquirt might not have a huge library, however, it is worth checking out especially if you are after creative backstories. Even if the scenes always take place in the doctor’s clinic, the reason of the women why they paid the squirting master a visit is always different. Furthermore, you’d surely get smitten by the overall appearance and usability of the official website. It is simple and neat, and even first-time porn surfers can easily find their way to the heart of the collection

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