DirtyTony reviewDirtyTony review

DirtyTony review

Site Overview

Tony Sparks is a renowned gay who loves to explore what straight and bisexual guys have to offer behind closed doors. As a porn master, Tony maneuvers his way and convinces many horny guys to get down and dirty for him. Mostly featuring amateurs in all of his movie scenes, he shows you how to get kinky with those who are afraid to show what they can do in front of the camera to explore their sexuality. It does not take long to figure out what this site is all about. The content on the site is natural, creative and original. As Tony is the only professional on set, it is not hard to see what he has to offer. On this site, you will get plenty of jerking off material that will also help you tap into your wild side.

Dirty Tony’s cameramen are quite skilled experts because all the movies show the best of every inch of the performance body, and enhanced by good lighting, the movies are a delight to watch. As a site that is over ten years old, you obviously expect the best in terms of content quality, quantity and suitability. Dirty Tony does not fail to provide this for your viewing pleasure. Let’s face it, you will never get any better than this. If you want to see the constant shoulders, this is the site to log into. Of course, the choice between mind over matter is the most difficult that we may have to face in life. DirtyTony makes this decision harder. As lustful human beings, the men on the site choose to try out new things and this is how the adventurous sexcapades begin.

Of course, Tony has to throw in some sweet, convincing cash. And my! Is he talented at this! There are so many reasons to love this site, the most obvious being the provision of exclusive amateur content that feature gay and bisexual men doing dirty deeds, all to pleasure Tony. Most of the movies are of a high viewing quality and as we all know, there is nothing better than enjoying a crisp, clear movie. Although the site possesses lower quality HD movies scenes, clarity still perfectly manifests itself through every scene. There are lots of facials to culminate the action. If this excites you then you should give DirtyTony a chance to entice and evoke your deepest erotic emotions. What’s not to love?

Design and features

The site’s homepage is quite helpful, especially if members want to get through the movie previews and the newly updated collection. All of this is highlighted on the here and is coupled with a description of what is going on. You don’t have to get stuck in the archives, the site allows you to skip and fast forward to all the fun stuff. All the videos have two viewing options, therefore, you can select whatever option you are most comfortable with.

The pages are quite delightful especially because they give you teasers to the site’s hottest content. The thumbnails, links and images will further propel you even deeper into the action. The scenes are not lumped together; instead, they are spaced evenly for you to see what is going on. Unlike many other sites, DirtyTony lays out its pages according to age, weight, and height of the models. Therefore, on the categories tab, you can filter the content using these three criteria.

Guys and videos

The men that are featured on the site are not only handsome; they are masculine and well-built too. It is clear that Tony does not go for average Joes; only the best are selected and put in front of the camera. Even though they are amateurs, they do not disappoint and generally begin and end the movies with the same kind of excitement. Not all of the guys are smooth; the majority has facial and bodily hair that makes them even more ‘manly’. From where I was sitting, I could not believe how seductively wonderful the action was. In most of the movies, Tony goes for facials and these studs willingly accept. The hotties love to go wild in the indoors. With such a wide collection of guys, you will not miss tattoos and piercings in site. Tony has a great way of making the newbies in the scenes quite comfortable. Even though he is the only professional on set, he is generally gentle and sensitive and them according to the rhythm of his gentle strokes.

The movies generally begin with an interview sessions with the newbies on set. They basically talk about what excited them to take part in the action. As the action begins, you can sense a little tension but as they get deeper into it, they let their horniness consume them. There are many movies that are worth checking out on the site. Tony does not feature in all of the scenes but certainly makes an appearance in all of them. ‘Antony Rex Fucks Billy Santaro’ features two amateurs who are excited to explore what cock to cock action is all about. During a yoga lesson, Antony Rex asks Billy Santoro, his instructors for a few more pointers. The movie starts off with yoga instructions but then the way he poses and spreads his legs is so appealing to Antony that the only thing on his mind is getting his cock inside Billy’s behind. After a few flirtatious moments, they both give into their feelings and strip down into full nudity. As soon as you know, Tony inserts his cock deep into Billy’s behind. There is no passing up these thrilling moments. You will always receive such content with your exclusive membership to the site.


The handsome guys on this platform are very hard to resist. They crown every moment with high libido and commitment that will show you why this site is the best. Even through the years, Dirty Tony has not faltered in the provision of content, so do not expect for it to stop uploading anytime soon. The site has been brilliantly crafted to inspire you to bring your fantasies to life. Trust me; it is worth your time. The website isn’t available anymore, check more gay pay porn sites!