DarkThrills reviewDarkThrills review

DarkThrills review

Site Overview

Hey guys! So, we’ve seen common stuff out there in the internet like Eurogirls, Asians, and all those stuff, however there’s this other race of girls that really sets themselves apart from the common pack. These girls are ebonies. Tempting like chocolate, there’s just something with hot ebony girls that makes their sex appeal stand out. Different features and different style of banging, they’re just the perfect girls to complete your mix of porn girls and complete your day.

There are many sites that showcase these ebony girls, however, there’s simply none that can compare with DarkThrills! This site is just amazing, as it showcases what these ebony girls can do to you along with how hot they are! There’s just a lot to see when you go ebony. And all of those you can see in DarkThrills!

darkthrills is the most awesome premium adult website to get class-A porn videos

Design and features

Ever wondered before what you want to do with all that spare time? There’s an answer right here. You go to DarkThrills and spend all your time there. The enjoyment you can get from all those girls is simply really good. You will use up a lot of that time browsing and fapping to all those really good hardcore videos of those ebony girls sucking dicks and getting it in their holes that are available in DarkThrills, because the collection is simply really big. With that amount of videos in the site, you’d expect it to be cumbersome to look into and navigate.

I bet you’ll even forgive it for being cumbersome due to the sheer amount because of the quality of the videos. But no, DarkThrills is a site that values you and gives you the best satisfaction because not only is the collection of hardcore videos massive, it is also very easy to navigate in! They have so many tools to allow you to look into the site at your own pace and at your own pleasure. You can sort all of these videos by name, date, rating, or most viewed. Basically, it means that you can see all of these videos in alphabetical order of their titles, or you can see them sorted out from newest to oldest or the reverse, or you can check them out by how highly the viewers rate the videos, or you can see them if they’re really popular due to the amount of people that were able to view that certain video.

You can even choose the size of the thumbnail, whether you like it big to make you able to see the scenes more clearly, or you want to make the thumbnails take up less space so you can see more of them, you can also save your favorites so you can go back to them when you want to. You can even check out what the top categories in the site are, what most people want to see when they think of black beauties, and you’re even able to see who the girls who most guys fapped to, the girls who are on the top of the ladder when it comes to popularity. You can see all of these in DarkThrills!

Girls and videos

All of those really hot ebony girls are encapsulated in this one site! Join and enter the site to be able to see those really hot ebony girls doing their thing to those dicks. They don’t care what kind of dicks those are, they just let it slide into their pussies or asses! Of course they lubricate it first by letting it in their mouths, and tasting those oh so wonderful dicks. These ebony girls just know what they’re doing with those dicks! These girls are shown through the massive collection of videos that are out there in the site! Tons and tons of videos are available in the site in HD. They come in either WMV or MP4 format when you download them. That’s right, it’s all downloadable!

The good part of this is you can download all of them without restriction! You get to be able to download the entire massive library, as long as it can fit your disk space! The download speed can reach up to 4.2 MB/s, it’s really crazy that this site offers this good of a deal when it comes to download speed, it’s like torrent or some other download sites. It’s all downloadable, but is it also streamable? The answer is yes! You can see all of the videos in the internet browser itself, and they come with a Flash format now too.

The stream quality is really good, no lags provided there is sufficient internet connection. They’re all HD too. The stream speed is fast as well, at around 1.0 MB/s. You’re also given the freedom to choose what quality you want or what format you want with each video. Finally, as a really good bonus, Darkthrills is available in mobile, or that the videos can be downloaded in mobile HD quality. Darkthrills is simply one of the best sites when it comes up to video quality as well as the girls that are featured in the videos.


DarkThrills is a massive library made up of really hot porn video materials featuring really hot ebony girls. This premise that has been made by the site is really accurate and as promised it can be shown to you now. You get a friendly site in terms of navigation, I mean, with that ease of navigation, how can it not be considered as friendly?

We also get a site that shows great quality, both with the scenes that they show off as well as the quality of the videos. Full hardcore sex from hot ebony girls and full HD quality from the makers of the site. If you’re not into black girls doing it, then maybe this site can change your mind.

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