CumEatingCuckolds reviewCumEatingCuckolds review

CumEatingCuckolds review

Site Overview

If you are looking for a kinky site that has videos with cheating wives, well, you found it. Basically, this site is telling the drama that fresh married wives are living. They are not satisfied with their sex life with their husbands so they decide to deceive. After having sex with their lover and learning new things from him they go home to their husband and try again but apparently he is no good. So these powerful women, tired of hiding the lover, decide to teach the cuckold in order for him to feel how is like to be disgusted and worthless.

The girl brings his lover home when the husband is not expecting and she starts fucking with him. Because the cuckold is a pussy and nothing more, he can’t fight with the good looking lover so he obeys. He is doing whatever his hot wife or her lover is telling him to do. In most of the videos, the husband is playing the role of a wiping tongue because he receives no pleasure and he is used to licking the pussy, balls, sometime for sucking the cock because the wife is too busy being satisfied, and after the lover cums, the husband has to lick all of the cum from wherever that is.

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Design and features

The first thing you will see when you enter the site is that slide at the top of the Home page. There you have link to the most popular and high rated videos at this moment on the site. Feel free to watch all the trailers in order to make an idea about what the site will offer to you. Below this, you also have some extra links to hot videos that you can watch for free. Every video has some high quality photos from the scene. The entire content is downloadable for members so you can put on your desktop a funny photo of two hot porn stars fucking and a cuckold who is cleaning up the mess. The Scenes feature has endless pages of high definition videos from threesomes to gang bang or interracial.

They have a funny way to name the scenes so that in most of the titles the stupid husband is the one that apparently makes the difference between a normal and boring porn video and this type. Of course, there is a Models page where you can choose your favorite type of cheating wife to see her in action. After you have decided, click on her photo and you will have there all of her movies and scenes in which she is performing as a dominating and horny wife. The Forum page is where members are able to discuss with each other their thoughts and wishes and anything they want or need. An absolutely unique feature is the Fiction page. Here you can read some of the naughtiest stories are written in such way that you can imagine every detail described there. If you like to read and you want to experiment masturbating through reading here you can do this. The reason? Why not to?

Girls and videos

Jynx Maze is a beautiful natural porn star that likes to be on top and work for a hard orgasm. She caught her poor husband masturbating while sniffing her underwear. She brings her lover to the master bedroom and she starts fucking with him while the cuckold is watching helplessly. Jynx supervises her husband while he is sucking her lover’s big cock so she can make sure that the obeying man is doing a good job. Lily LaBeau is the ultimate cheating wife. Her husband should have been gone with work far away from the city so she decides to bring home his 4 best friends for a gang bang. Although her husband is shocked, everyone knows that he is a pussy so no one bothers to explain what is happening and they all start fucking in front of the cuckold. He is even fucked in the ass while sucking another best friend’s cock.

In the end, after the wife is collecting all the cum, she is giving it to her husband so he could taste his best friends. Lou Charmelle is a sexy wife with a nice body art. Her tattoos are amazing and she doesn’t hesitate to share this view with others than her embarrassing husband. Her lover is kind enough to let him watch and learn how to fuck his hot wife till orgasm. While the Latino guy is fucking this goddess, the poor man is licking the lover’s balls for making the cock even harder until cumming. Keep in mind that all of the videos are downloadable and there are daily updates to fill you with new impressive stories with cuckold that are not able to feed their wives with cum.


It is amazing to see what a disappointed woman can do to feel sexy and wanted again. A stupid husband only encourages them to cheat because powerful woman is always in need of a big and hard cock to satisfy them. When she is horny she doesn’t care about the cuckold anymore. She keeps fucking while the husband is watching. At least, that is the ultimate test of manhood – if he wouldn’t be such a pussy he would fight the lover and take his wife back.

Luckily here is only stupid husband that are not man enough so you can enjoy this type of pornography. Because cuckolds don’t know what to do, they accept to do what they are being told to. They clean up the mess and they do their best to satisfy their wives as much as the women’s lover.

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