CFNMSecret reviewCFNMSecret review

CFNMSecret review

Site Overview

This site is part of the Reality Kings network, which means that its design, both on the free page and in the member area, is similar to the other sites powered by the huge porn brand. It also has a mobile version that functions well on all the screen devices with internet access, both on iOS and Android. Some pages of the website feature ad banners to third party porn sites, usually dating and live cams, but nothing is exaggerated, so it won’t affect your CFNM Secret experience.

You will have the chance to watch the videos online on a highly functional flash player that plays the episodes without buffering and offers the chance to jump to the most interesting parts that are featured underneath it and displayed with very suggestive thumbnails. The interface is user friendly, so there is no chance you won’t be able to quickly reach a video that will make you happy.

Design and features

CFNM stands for Clothed Females Naked Males and even if the theme doesn’t seem too porn, trust me, it is. Lots of men have fantasies with women fucked while dressed in different outfits and if you want to enjoy some high quality HD uniform porn, this is the site where you will find it. There are more than 50 movies of 30 minutes each featuring babes dressed like flight attendants, doctors, officers or even Yoga pants with a whole cut between their butt cheeks.

Each movie comes with a set of pictures containing 400 images of the model or models featured in the video in very naughty poses and even bonus behind the scenes material. The entire content of this site is available for download, but just as in the rest of the sites in the Reality Kings network, the download has a 10 GB limit per day.  Besides the fact that the site has a download limit, the upload rate of the collection is not one of its strong features either. There is barely one update per month, but the CFNM Secret can make it up to you.

Girls and videos

The site goes on the idea that we like to see famous porn stars wearing diverse uniforms or just some interesting outfits while they get banged and they are not wrong. Personally, I always wanted access on a site like this and now you can get in too. The porn stars are willing to do a lot of things just to make us happy and you will be really thrilled with their performances. Currently, there are 31 porn stars on the site and the bad news is that their number is growing very slow.


If you don’t want to rush into making a decision, think about it this way. The entire content is exclusive to the CFNM Secret website and even if the chance of seeing your favorite porn stars in hardcore action movies will come again, you will never get to see them in sexy uniforms and super naughty outfits. I know that the limited download and the poor update frequency are big draw backs, but thing about all the movies of the network that you will get to watch. Just choose this offer and you won’t have another boring night from now on.

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