BustyPetite reviewBustyPetite review

BustyPetite review

Site Overview

When regular adult entertainment viewers are asked about what type of model they love to watch, more than half answered that they love watching women with fit bodies and massive round breasts, it makes your imagination run wild and your prick hard with excitement as they are a complete package. BustyPetite is the site that gives its viewers the perfect model to lust and wank over, they have the perfect face, body and breasts and they sure know how to play with a cock. They do all positions that you always fantasize to see and they do it with much thirst and lust, their videos will definitely make you horny.

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Design and features

This site is powered by Paper Street Media and they have about 30,000 high definition videos that you can download and transfer into any device, the videos are compatible with different devices such as tablet, Iphone and Android. They also offer fast streaming of all of their videos on the site and they have about thousands of high resolution pictures that are also available for download. They upload full high definition movies every day and once you become a member you will be able to access 21 hardcore sites that you will surely enjoy.

Each of their videos have an option wherein you can rate it based on how much you have enjoyed the performance of the models, some of the videos are presented by thumbnails while others are presented by gifs. The site also has a link wherein anyone who wants to be a model can send in their pictures and information via email or mail, the instructions are provided in the link. If you have any questions regarding your subscription or about the site and if you have any inquiries, you can contact their customer service representative via the hotline number provided at the bottom most part of the page, they are open 24/7.

Girls and videos

This site has the best women with sexy bodies and massive tits; in one video it showed their model playing American football near a pool, she was wearing red shorts and a very low cut blue shirt that shows the bottom of her boobs when she runs and jumps. She pulled the blue shirt up and bounced her boobs in front of the camera, she also wiggled her ass. A man then was paired up with her as she went inside the house; the man lifted her blue shirt and squeezed her tits, he then took a bottle of oil and sprayed it all over her tits and he played with it, he pinched and flicked the nipples and jiggled her massive boobs. He took his clothes off and he made her kneel in front on him, she squeezed her boobs together as he slid his long, massive cock between them.

He slid his cock in and out between her legs and he grabbed her by the hair and made her suck his dick, he mouth fucked her as he went deeper filling her throat with his massive dick, she gave him a handjob and a blowjob at once as he thrust his hip so that she could taste all of him. He then made her go on all fours as he fucked her from behind, he used her hip for support as he drilled his cock into her pussy from behind, he then lifted her and he made her ride him, he stretched her ass so that she could take all of him and he made her bounce on his cock on the pace that she wanted, as she was riding him he was busy sucking her nipples and kissing her neck and boobs. He then made her lay on the couch as he lifted her leg and pumped her pussy with his massive man meat, as he was drilling her she was flicking her clit which added to the lust that was consuming her.

He went deeper and deeper and it made her moan and scream as she was so close to reaching her climax, however the man pulled out for he had another position in mind, he made her lay on the couch again as he pounded her from behind while squeezing her boobs and licking and sucking her neck, he lifted her leg so that he could go deeper as he pounded her, he then pulled out again and made her ride him again but this time he was the one in control as he used his hip to get his cock go deeper into her wet pussy, screams of pleasure could be heard in the video as he pounded her pussy and sucked her boobs all at once. He then pulled out and grabbed her by the hair and made her kneel in front of him again, he made her give him a blowjob and he deep throated her until his balls touched her lips, making her gag.

She then sucked and licked his balls before giving him another blowjob, he grabbed her by the hair and pumped his cock into her mouth, he moved his hips to control the pace of the blowjob. He pulled out and he then gave himself a handjob indicating that he was cumming, the model positioned herself near his cock as he pointed his cock straight into her face, a few seconds later white sticky liquid came squirting out if his tip and landed on the face and boobs of the model.


The site does not only upload clips but they upload the full movie in high definition quality, they also have thousands of pictures that you can enjoy viewing. If you are a fan of the perfect type of women and the one who knows how to please a man then this site is recommended for you.

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