BootyliciousMag reviewBootyliciousMag review

BootyliciousMag review

Site Overview

When you first hear of BootyliciousMag, you may think that simply is a print magazine that talks about a lot of booty action. Well, you are not entirely wrong or right either. The magazine comes with a whole adult website that features content that you would only enjoy. Joining the site will ensure that you will get the front row seat to action that features many ethnic beauties that are ready to make all of your dirty fantasies come true. Whether you prefer Ebony chicks or Latinas, you will find them all on this platform. This is the exciting adult action that you rarely see on ordinary platforms. Therefore, butt guys should be prepared to get thoroughly entertained.

Good sex does not have to be only about casual pussy fucking, even booties can take thongs to new and thrilling heights. All of the assets on BootyliciousMag are voluptuous and it is certainly evident that God took a lot of time and dedication in crafting them. If you are dating a woman with an overly large and enviable ass then you are not far from the fantasy that we experience on this platform. She may not be as overly gorgeous, thick and tender but at least you still enjoy good servings of the goodies. As the ScoreGroupNetwork has never failed in the delivery of the best action, you should not expect any less from BootyliciousMag. The site is on point in terms of concept, the women, and the amazing scenes. There is no doubt that this will be your new home. The joy of entertainment on BootyliciousMag also lies in the HD quality of the scenes and the highest resolution photos. You will simply feel like jumping through the screen and grabbing those tempting ass cheeks and make them submit to anything that you want them to. While making big butt chicks give into what you desire may sound like a twisted thing to do but you wouldn’t have lived life to the fullest if you did not make the most of these alluring body parts.

The combination of talented models, high-definition flicks and a score signature adult entertainment style like no other are some of the best things that give new meaning to the world bootylicious. There are many porn sites that feature amazing action but none has gotten to the level that BootyliciousMag has of course when you hear of names like Layla Monroe and Candace Von, you know that you will not be disappointed by what you get from the platform. These are seasoned porn stars, therefore, they already understand what is required of them on screen. Due to the fact that BootyliciousMag is a booty site, it is only right that you expect a lot of anal sexual encounters. The site also spices things up by including tweaking on the scenes. The layers of clothing do not seem to do any good as the porn stars lose them faster than they are picked up. Every week, BootyliciousMag offers you a new flick for your excitement. This in addition to the 230+ flicks and 266+ galleries is more than enough for you to enjoy.

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Design and features

It is a true delight to log into the site’s members’ area. The videos and photos videos are separately arranged. This also makes accessibility easier. The user friendliness of the website sees you easily explore the limited collection of flicks. In order to ensure that you are not missing anything, the scenes comprise of lengthy descriptions. Navigation is a breeze even though the fact that the site is not large, it still able to create an impression. BootyliciousMag is bold and there is a huge image that features an overly bootylicious woman tempting you to go for more. You will oblige because she simply represents what the collection is all about.

Girls and videos

Needless to say, the models on BootyliciousMag are booty-full. It is either two things happened, their mama’s gave them this butt back a bundle of awesomeness or they felt the need to get an increase of what they initially had. The truth is that the end justifies the means and either way, we love whatever they serve us. They do not waste any time teasing us into the action like models on other sites would. Instead, they get right to the nitty-gritty. They all differ in ethnicity and body type and each one of them brings something different to the set. You will run into favorites like Lana Sky and Candi Luvv. They have always been known for their big knockers but this time, their asses take center stage to bring you entertainment in the way that you desire.

You will enjoy them in different scenarios. For instance, Candi Luvv puts on a private strip show for a partner who can hardly believe that he is in the presence of such sexiness. Only adorned in sexy the high stocking, Candy’s butt is on full display. If I had a way to jump into the screen, I would definitely fuck her. Since I cannot, I chose to live vicariously through the guy who slides his thick shaft into her tight anal. Every moment of the action was truly worth it. Felicia Clover will equally shock you with her unique fucking skills. She does what I have always prayed sexy women would do to me; sit on her partner rock hard cock and find a rhythm to it. The guy is clearly in heaven as he cannot stop moaning as Felicia works on him. You will love everything about the action that is dished out here.


BootyliciousMag is the only place that you can assess all flavors of cabooses and watch them get pounded hard in every position. You will absolutely love all that you will receive as far as membership is concerned. The fact that the scenes are also in high quality is comforting. This lets you know that this is the entertainment that you have always awaited.

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