BlackReignX reviewBlackReignX review

BlackReignX review

Site Overview

This site is one of the official pages of Lexington Steele, and it’s part of the PornstarNetwork since 2012. Though the scenes date back to earlier years, they are still exciting, and most of them are in really good quality. Each of these videos is coming from DVDs, so they are mostly semi-exclusive, and the overall collection adds up to 27 full DVDs’ content. Some of you might find the collection not enough to fulfill their desires, and for them, we’ve got good news. As we stated already, the BlackReign is a member of the PornstarNetwork, and thus speaking it might be also evident, that you can access the whole network too!

Now, that’s one hell of a bonus because there are only pornstars appearing in the videos of this network, and these guys are doing some really fine videos, that will make you hard and horny in seconds. It’s certain that you will find that the network access is the best thing that could happen with you: you were just looking for some hard ethnic sex, but apart from that, you also get access to a network of 42+ porn sites. The content of the BlackReign isn’t exclusive, because they are all available on DVDS, and some of them can be found on other Lexington Steele sites. This is also quite true for the included sites, but it’s undeniable that you get here almost all porn you could wish for.

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Design and features

The BlackReign’s home page is a so last century that it’s a joy to look at it. However, it may look a bit outdated, it offers more in tour than many new sites: you can download a trailer to get the picture about the content. You may also browse through the videos listed on the home page. You don’t have to worry about the members’ zone though: you get access to the neat, advanced pages of the PornstarNetwork. The site is nicely built, and you can browse through hundreds of videos quite easily. There are tags for the videos, the sites and for almost everything.

You can use a search engine to narrow down this big compilation. The BlackReign’s videos will be listed first if you log in from this site. The site has a nice mobile interface, so you can access this astonishing collection from anywhere. Both usual options are granted: you can save the videos in MP4, and since they are not in HD, they won’t take away too much space. Because of their age and their resolution, they also won’t be too problematic to watch in the browser, streamed in their original format.

Girls and videos

The BlackReign is a quite an astonishing site, and if you are looking for hardcore ethnic- and interracial sex, you are at the right place. Though the videos here feature only Blacks, there are some Caucasian cuties appearing too, making the collection a bit more varied, and making the site go straight into the heavy hardcore categories. You can’t find here newbies, beginners or amateurs, only some of the highest rated Black pornstars, who are not just doing their job, but seemingly the like to get down to dirty. These girls are amazingly hot, and if there something that makes Black girls to be idols to worship, then it’s their hot booty. It’s a kind of strange, but the Ebony missies and mistresses all have wonderful, juicy buttocks, that look and feel amazing as you fuck them. Also, the breasts of these women are things you will pay attention too, because apart from the few fakes, there are mostly naturals in these videos. As far as other ethnics are concerned, you can enjoy here the performance of Caucasians and Asians too, this way adding a nice spice to the collection. These girls are also pros, and they take on those huge cocks like they did it their whole life.

The male performers deserve a few words too, because apart from the ‘regular’ Black pornstars with huge cock, the site features the ever-famous Lexington Steele too. You probably heard the name before, and you can rest assured, he ensures you the highest quality and nastiest sex you can get here, especially since he is an award-winning performer. This is studio porn, so there won’t be any stereotypic setups like stairways and bad neighborhood. The sex takes place in neat apartment, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not dirty. Lexington and his partners are banging these chicks hard and well, and they go down to the nasty things too. You can find here videos with plain hardcore sex with blowjobs and pussy-fucking, but that’s not everything you get, and you will find the collection to be quite an exciting one. In case you enjoy watching hardcore sex, but you feel better if there is something heavier, you will certainly appreciate the nasty and tasty anal sex videos. If that’s not enough for you, check the threesome scenes: these don’t end with the moneyshot, the girls are doing some cum-swapping after the sex, so it’s really nasty.


There are some very exciting videos on the BlackReign, and the collection on its own is well-worth checking. Though it seems that there aren’t any new videos coming to the site, if you enjoy the work Lexington Steele, you can find several sites dedicated to him throughout the network.

The main feature of the membership which makes it irresistible is the great network access. The PornstarNetwork collects all kind of porn, and you can enjoy here hardcore mainstream porn just as you might get your sticky hands on some hot dirty heavy porn too.

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