BlackHeat reviewBlackHeat review

BlackHeat review

Site Overview

Basically, BlackHeat is a porn site dedicated for those guys who love black beauties. It is all about the body and the booty of the black women who are usually the focal attraction of most men. But of course, who wouldn’t love the ebony goodness of these slutty women as their bodies are rigidly being banged hard and powerfully by the lusty men who has a thing for the blacks? You got it. These black women are sure to give you the best sexual experience ever.

Most of the content in this site are user-submitted in nature. This means that you get to witness real hardcore action by these black women who only have one thing in their minds and that is to fuck and get fucked. However, if you take a closer look at all the videos presented herein, you would notice that some of the videos are actually simulated in order to look like it is an amateur type of video. But nevertheless, they are still as scintillating and hot as ever. Once you are able to access the site BlackHeat, you would be able to be granted access with some other great porn sites for free. These 17 high-quality sites should give you all the pleasure and the orgasmic sensation that you need for that perfect sexual experience. The site is being updated on a regular weekly basis. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting bored when you explore this site.

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Design and features

The general layout of the site BlackHeat is actually very simple. The background color is very subtle in nature. But it is heavily compensated by the main heading of the site which is full of lewd black women showing off their big black tits and sucking off big black cocks. You can right away tell that it is a porn site for black women as all the models and the girls featured in the site have dark skinned complexions. There are main categories in the home page of the site. These are the Members’ Area, By Category, Top Rated, Most Popular and Being Viewed. This provides you an easy navigation setting so that you will be able to find exactly what video you are looking for in this site.

The main page features some of the best videos of black women getting laid and fucked nasty. Once you get to click one of the videos there, you will be forwarded to the main page of that video. There you would be able to find a more concise search feature depending on your sexual preference. There are the categories stated above the said video which states Amateur, Anal, Big Tits, BDSM, CreamPie, GangBang and so on and so forth. This will provide you a quick search feature depending on how you like to bang hot black women. This is actually a paid website so once you want to really view those videos, you have to register. While you are provided with a free registration set up, one should know that you still need to pay up in order to view the full features of the BlackHeat site.

The photo galleries stated all throughout the site are generally snap shot copies of the videos that are featured in BlackHeat. Take note that all the photos here should tickle your sensual fantasy and should allow you to have all the more reason to dig deep and watch the whole videos presented in this site. Black women are considered very sultry and voluptuous. Imagine Beyonce or Rihanna. They have olive to dark skins and yet their bodies are the sexiest and the most tempting to watch. Black women are very iconic of their bigger butts and bitter tits. Thus, when you talk of a black beauty, you have to factor in the curves and the sexiness. That is why this niche is very popular in most porn sites.

Girls and videos

You can tell that most of the girls here are your ordinary girl next door black women. However, judging by the curve of their bodies and the largeness of their tits and butt, you can say that they are considered to be porn stars in their own right. These girls are obviously dark skinned chicks. But there is variety as to how these girls are being featured in the site BlackHeat. You can actually see aggressive black women and there are also the demure ones. You can see black women with piercing in the different areas of their body and you can also see black women who look classy and highly sophisticated.

All in all though, there is a common denominator in all these black girls and that is their hunger for sex. To cite a video from BlackHeat, there is this ebony chick who was actually in the middle of giving head to a moaning guy. It is very arousing and highly sensual as it is being climaxed by the guy spilling off jizz all over the face of this pretty black girl. In addition, there is also a video here of 2 black women making out with each other. It only just goes to show that there is no limit as to how you perceive black women to get laid and be laid.


Indeed, there is a great potential for this site to be more successful only if the management would take more time in developing the site. Given the right content and some more internet marketing, surely this site BlackHeat will be considered to be one of the best porn site that exclusively features the best and the sluttiest black women.

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