BisexualTrainer reviewBisexualTrainer review

BisexualTrainer review

Site Overview

Great HD bisexual porn site, BiSexualTrainer is home to glamorous MILFs who are keen to share their knowledge about hardcore sex. Their nasty lessons are not limited to pleasing pussies –they also teach men how to use their cocks properly so that they can please their fellow studs.

As a part of the Femdom Network, you won’t be surprised that it’s the girls who are in control in this community. Nonetheless, you will find that the male models have no fuss about it, especially when they are learning great tips from the well-experienced sweethearts. Clearly, you’ll see everyone enjoying what every glory hole can offer, regardless if they belong to a man or a woman!

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Design and features

The fairly-sized collection of BiSexualTrainer is presented on a simple-looking website. It is the trademark design of all Femdom Network porn sites, so it might look already familiar to you. The black backdrop complements the vibrant color pallets that perfectly represent the vibrant and energetic adult trainers.

The members’ area allows you to enjoy the videos without clicking different links or going from one page to another. You’ll get video thumbnails and previews, complete with the performers’ names and creative descriptions on a single page. There’s also a complete list of categories on the side. You only need to click once and you’ll be redirected to a page that features your particular fetish. It’s that simple.

BiSexualTrainer, as a standalone collection, is not a very big one. However, it comes with a generous network bonus for members. Also, if you care more about overall production quality and great performances, you’d surely want to be a member of this community.

Girls and videos

The storylines of BiSexualTrainers’ videos are surprisingly refreshing. It helps that the MILF models really know their stuff. The dominating ladies can convince you that they know what they are doing even without speaking a word. But of course, they talk really dirty while they are doing their job. Meanwhile, you’d also clap for the male performers.

They are mostly well-built and do not look like the type that can easily be intimidated. However, in the scenes, they appear to be very cooperative and very willing to be treated as underdogs. Surely, they realize that they are the real winners since they can enjoy hot sex and come off as a better love than before.


Don’t get it wrong –this site won’t give you a physical trainer working incessantly at a gym. Instead, you’ll find veteran porn models who have clearly dedicated their lives to teaching both men and women how to properly treat their lovers in bed. Most of the focus is on the male performers, yes. However, trust that you’ll also get your fair share of pussy fucking scenarios. The threeway scenarios are jam-packed with interesting lessons that will surely make you question your very own gender orientation.

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