BbwHunter reviewBbwHunter review

BbwHunter review

Site Overview

Have you tried having sex with a fat woman? Don’t deny it. Most men prefer fatties than “normal” women. It’s just hard for some of them to admit it because the status quo had set the standards that normal weight is more likely to be an ideal sex partner. Well, you better be thinking thoroughly now. Except from the health concerns, many people wonder if fatties or chubby gals were able to have a happy sex life, of course they do! And sometimes when they did it, they’ve done it real good. In reality, there is great number of people who love to have sex with fatties. A proof for that is BBWHunter. It is the only reality porn that caters the freshest and hottest plum that will upgrade every man’s sexual fantasy. You may see all the biggest girls on the site but the fun and excitement is bigger.

There are huge bonus surprises waiting for you. If you want a more realistic erotic simulation you’ve got to try BBWHunter. Know what’s more amazing? The super horny guys of the site has their real passion for BBW, this creates their mission to look for the best BBW that has the best sex skills that can pleasure them and bring them fun. There’s nothing like a woman with many folds that can give off extra feeling of pushing inside. Are you starting to wonder how these big women can make you go wet and wild tonight? Then see for yourself!

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Design and features

BBWHunter website has an original layout. The site navigation is very excellent. You can browse the website smoothly and hassle-free. Don’t be afraid to explore the site because you will easily understand the content inside. There are main menus at the top of the site which include the Home, Members, Network Sites, Features, Instant Access and more. BBWHunter has overflowing porn content which incudes over 32, 000 exclusive fetish videos and 1 million hot photos. But they also offer 100,00 bonuses videos and feeds. Guaranteed that the videos are fresher than your favorite beer you buy on your grocery. Still not contented? Well, there are still 5,00 exclusive DVD’s that you can purchase from the site. All the DVD’s contains high-quality content and the most original porn stories there is.

It’s really hard to choose which videos you should watch first since BBWHunter has so many of them but rest assured that if you prefer to watch all of it, you will never regret it. You will definitely fall in love with every bit of it. You can avail a membership to access all the fabulous bonuses and features on BBWHunter. One of the bombastic bonuses they give to their members is the access to 126 more porn sites. Enjoy all night and day with unlimited porn shows of different themes. Having some trouble with the site or your billing? BBWHunter’s fast and friendly online customer support is there 24/7 to address all your concerns. Maybe, BIG is your favorite word now huh?

Girls and videos

Every video on BBWHunter showcases the hottest fat sex. All the fetish videos are history. These fat sex are sex like other form of sex to whatever body type they fucked with. You can have all the hardcore ass fucking, old style but goody sex, blowjobs, to add some more pleasure to your hardening cock, you can see plenty of round asses and tits bouncing every time they move. Each videos run for about 25 minutes and are downloadable. There are three formats to choose from depending on bandwidth and disk space. The sets of photos can be downloaded in a zip file too.

Fat sex seems to be a taboo topic. But people should know that there is no difference whether a woman is lean or fat, it all depends on their desires and performances. Fatties are sexually desirable, they bring sexual pleasure and that’s what’s important, not their body weight. Want to have more of them? Have a live cam chat with BBWHunter’s most alluring models. They can do all the stuff you will tell them. Have fun and have a blast night!


Don’t make it all about FAT. Women are women, they are one of the best things in the world. If you know how to turn them on, they will give you their best. BBW’s are incredible when it come to sex. They keep no guts, they are all out and that’s more pleasing to see. You’ve got the best deal for your money if you join BBWHunter. Sex is a hug topic to know more, and there’s so much to discover in it.

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