Bang reviewBang review

Bang review

Site Overview

If you are up to the task of viewing porn video after every porn video, I am sure you are very enriched in life right now. For most of us, it is the way life should work and lucky for a lot of us, we are living that life. Porn, you see, is something part of the daily lives of people and it is rather hard to keep away from it now that it has become something of the norm. I, for one, love the way porn helps me get through life somehow.

When I am busy going about my everyday life and do not have time to commit to a relationship or even a one night stand, porn keeps me alive and running. I am sure a lot of you out there can seriously relate. Of course, with the porn industry rising to its best when it comes to quantity – the number of porn sites has increased rather fully the past few years – it is rather difficult to find something that is truly worthy of our time. Then again, there are also a lot of really good ones that are hard to forget.

If you, my friend, like me, breathe and is fueled by porn, then you will certainly love this porn site I am about to show and tell you about: Bang. Bang is organized and managed by Videos Z and has been around for quite some time, but not that long yet. With that long a time, you sure can expect a lot in here like the amount of videos they present and the great quality they offer.

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Design and features

Bang has a basic site design: it is minimalistic, simple, and straightforward. It does not rest on a flashy site design, it loves to keep everything at a rather soft tone. Not only is that more classy to look at and browse through, it helps the members of this site keep track of the content rather than busy themselves with the superficial things. Also, the navigation here is pretty simple and straightforward, as well. When you click on something, it automatically prompts you to the direct page and nothing more – unless of course, if it is needed. The user interface or the UI is user friendly and easy to use, understand, and is completely wieldy.

The site’s arrangement is profoundly neat and very well put. Every single thing here is neatly stacked and that is what makes the entire site very pleasant to move around in. Of course, since this porn site is technically a pay site, you will need to register or sign up as a member by clicking on the ‘Join Now’ button on top of the page. It is located on the top right. There also seems to be a trial version but it is rather limited and the things and the selections you can access here are also quite narrow. If you are already a premium member, you can access anything in here with no limits. Since the site has been around for quite some time, the amount of things you can do here are also a lot. You can comment on the videos for other people to read, you can add them to your favorites for an easier access later on when you decide to view them again, you can rate them, as well as rate the models.

There are photo sets in here that amount to more than a thousand. You can download them, too. The links can be found both on top and on the left side (which basically is your screen’s right). The top links consist only of the home page button in the form of the site’s logo. In the middle, you will see the advanced search bar where you can input any tag or category that you want and it will automatically put you in a page where the videos that correspond to the tag are. You also get the support link and the log in button on the further top right. On the left side, there is a retractable box, which contains the most vital links like the ‘New Videos’ button, for the newest updates. You also get the ‘Best Videos’ where you can see their most famous and most featured videos.

You get a link for ‘Categories’ where you will be prompted to a page where the all the lists of categories are. Click on any of them and you will be taken to the corresponding page. You get the ‘Pornstars’ button for the model index. You get the ‘Movies’ button for all the scenes and movies that belong to the site basically the entire collection. You get a link to their ‘Studios’ and their casting videos called Bang Casting. Aside from these, you also get the Bang channels and the Bang live cam shows.

Girls and videos

Everything here in Bang is relatively exclusive and it would seem that you would not be able to find any of the videos here anywhere else. Since the content of this site is really huge, there is an influx of ladies with different attributes and personalities. Nevertheless, every single thing here is the epitome of pleasure and entertainment. The girls love fucking and getting fucked and they never tire of showing you their nasty sides.

Right now, there are 130,000+ videos on the site and majority of them are in high definition. The older ones may have lower settings but still pretty decent and watchable. There are two ways to watch the scenes: it is either to watch them in-browser with the embedded Flash player or download the scenes in MP4 or WMV format. All two options will give you the best qualities and resolutions. There is no download limit and everything is exclusive.


If it’s a huge porn site you are looking for, then you will certainly feel at home and love Bang. It does not only excel in quantity but in quality, as well.

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