Asian1on1 reviewAsian1on1 review

Asian1on1 review

Site Overview

The site has been spontaneous, irregular updates as for now it does not update its content. The latest update dates to 2013. This is an indication that they may again update and increase its content. Though, you should not get worried as the pass into this site guarantees you over 26 bonus sites from the naughty America network. Some of the bonus sites update daily so you will have a fresh content to watch daily. The bonus sites are I have a wife, 2 chicks same time, ass master piece and house wife one on one.

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Design and features

When you try to get into the Asian1on1 site you will be directed to the naughty America network from which you can get into the site from the site drop down menu. When you get into Asian1on1 you will have all the good and bad but am very sure you will not leave empty handed. To start with the design of the site will take your breath. The page layout is well organized with the latest videos at the centre. Then the interface, you will not get problems knowing your way around as the interface is easy to use. Navigation is very simple as the content covers up to five pages. The videos are arranged according to category and key word so it will not take you long to find the work that you need. The search tool also aid navigation as you can key in the category keyword and easily get to the content you are looking for.

With such a nice site you will be disappointed by the amount of porn videos available. There are 64 videos and this may not be enough for heavy porn consumers. The videos are available in short episodes and full movies and they can be downloaded in multiple formats such as windows media files, mp4 files, wmv and mpeg. The videos that have been recently added more so the ones added from 2011 are in full hd formats. The average run time for the videos is 25 minutes. There  is also the option of watching the videos online where you can use the embedded flash player though the old content is not in hd it looks great.

The photos here are either in low or high resolution but the high resolutions are the majority. The pictures are also in set so you will have about 65 picture sets with each set consisting of 100 images. The pictures are about models hard core shots and money shots. You have the photos in your computer in zip files. There are slide shows that enhance your viewing of these photos.

Girls and videos

The girls here are very beautiful models from asia so if you are into asian women get in Asian 1on1. Have you ever heard of the submissive nature of the asian women? I dint believe this because I viewed it as stereotyping but when I entered into Asian1on1 I realized that it is not a lie. The site brings this out very clearing, that it is the nature of the asian women to be submissive and surrender to their husbands. Though, the scenes show that the girl try to avoid eye contact you will be entertained by the composure of the porn stars.


Asian 1on1 is purely an asian porn site with the most beautiful models from asia. If you have thought of going to asia for this women it is better you get into the Asian 1on1 site. The whole site is amazing with high quality porn content and the most beautiful models from the asian continent.

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