AmateurSexTeens reviewAmateurSexTeens review

AmateurSexTeens review

Site Overview

At times, you might get tired of looking at all the professional porn, as it can have all the right moves, but still lacks the passion. Therefore, I found it much better to turn your attention to amateur porn as they do things a bit differently. AmateurSexTeens is the site I have in mind, one that shows you raw amateur content, a guy on girl hardcore sex, but a kind that will not leave your more passionate side unsatisfied.

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Design and features

The first thing that caught my eye when I got to the site’s home page is the changing image at the top of the page. It shows some of the newest scenes, three by three, and is really enticing, so much that you want to click that join button immediately. Resisting the urge, I continued to scroll the site and moving past the statistics bar at the top of the page I noticed the menu bar with your standard buttons such as the home page, the models, the free tour and the login and join buttons. You’re greeted by a short description bellow and then you can move onto the previews.

You can spot the newest additions but that’s not all, as each of them has a couple of photos taken from the videos, as well as a short caption to describe what you can expect from the videos, in case the photos are not enough. At the end of the page you get a look at some of the bonus content should you join the site. With a black and white background, you can enjoy the essentials while at the same time take part in an experience that is both simple and very rich. The user interface is straightforward and I had no issues going from one page to another, even on the mobile devices, due to the site being optimized.

Girls and videos

When I arrived at the videos section, things started to become a lot more exciting. The girls here are amazing, as they are amateurs, which you can tell by the name, as well as that they are fresh to the scene. That, however, doesn’t mean that they do not know how to handle a dick. Quite the opposite, their knowledge of the passionate and sexual arts is amazing, so much that you can get to an orgasmic state from just watching their foreplay. The videos have a guy and a girl in each of them, sometimes a more experienced guy, sometimes one that is nearer to the girls’ age.

In both cases, the sex is amazing, from the foreplay to the hot steamy endings with cumshots and blowjobs. The girls are different, too, so you can expect to see tall ones, shorter ones, ones with big boobs and other whose boobs aren’t that big. I also like the fact that all the videos are shot in HD which means that you can also enjoy a high enough resolution, one that will certainly make you happier as far as the close ups are concerned. The photos are available in the ZIP format. The site also provides you with access to over 9 other sites, which is accounted for in the bonus department.


I love AmateurSexTeens, for its simple and easy to understand name and design and for the action that you can find inside. This site has girls who love sucking cocks and fucking, who will sweep you off your feet and into a world of pleasure. The site has HD videos and photos, which you can download, and you also get access to 9 more sites. This is a site that you should not miss out on.

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