ActiveDuty reviewActiveDuty review

ActiveDuty review

Site Overview

The ActiveDuty can be proud of its content, and of its age, because as you will see the site doesn’t only offer hard gay sex, but there are also nearly 20 years’ worth of updates here. Now, the series which are marked by the name of Dink Flamingo, started back in 1998, which we could even consider the heroic era of the internet. The age of the Internet brought us many things: social media, smart devices, videos available from everywhere around the world and of course, it brought us the online porn. Those who recognized this opportunity are the big-shots nowadays, and in its own niche, the ActiveDuty is also a veteran site.

During our ActiveDuty review, the site was offering the members the videos of more than 200 DVDs. The DVDs are added as scenes, and there are usually two flicks per week, so the update schedule is quite good, and they seem to keep it always. The length is varied, but to give you an overview, let’s say that the DVDs are usually an hour long, and they consist of 3-4 scenes. The videos here are semi-exclusive. Bonus content is also featured, though it’s not the kind you might be used to. There is a cam show site, where you can get a hot performance from even the site’s stars. You get access to a pay-per-view porn page, so you might get some harder, or even bareback action from there.

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Design and features

You can take a long, and exhausting tour on the ActiveDuty. If you open the home page, you can see a large thumbnail, so if you want to get into the middle of the action you can click on it, and watch its trailer. The free trial of the ActiveDuty grants you the access to the models’ list, the DVDs’ list and to the listing of the scenes. The best feature is probably the five trailers you can watch. The layout is good, you won’t have any troubles navigating. Large texts and easily navigable menus are what you can find, and the tour page has the same layout and design as the members’ page.

A search engine is granted to make it easier to find what you are looking for, and since the content is tagged, you will find it helpful. The ActiveDuty seems to be a streaming only site nowadays, and you can only stream the videos in your browser. However, that’s not a bad thing, because you can still enjoy these hot videos in their best possible quality, up to 720p and 1080p. Photo galleries and video caption sets are also granted, and you can reach the content from mobile.

Guys and videos

Dink Flamingo’s ActiveDuty is a series which has a hot topic featured: men from the army and the navy are getting fucked hard, and they do it all in front of the camera. When you open this site, you gain access to a really hardcore collection, and the guys in them are certainly very hot. As far as we could depict, there are actual guys from different offices, and they put on quite a good show for all to see. The niche of the site is good, but the boys are not appearing in uniform, so if you have a thing for that, you won’t be able to fulfill it here; you get only the idea here, but no fetishes. Too bad, but let’s go forward. There are usually two types of guys in here: there are the lads of the ActiveDuty, they are the ones who have been long in the business. Their role is to break in the newcomers. And this being said, the other type of males of the ActiveDuty is the party of the newbies.

These fresh lads are having their first gay encounters, and in fact, some of them even claim to be hetero, but until his cock feels good, he doesn’t care what kind of hole it fills. This double-edged nature is really satisfying, and you will find here some quite sensual moments as the guys are getting the newbies’ ass ready for penetration. Anyway, as far as their appearance is an issue, they are all hot, nicely worked-out blokes with neat muscles. Usually three types of videos are featured on the ActiveDuty: the solo scenes, the sucking movies and the drilling flicks. The first type is quite evident, the guys are playing with their cock in front of the camera.

These are usually kind of debuting videos for them, and as you can see, they are really well-hung. The blowjob scenes are also featuring some first-time action, however, you can find here professionals playing with each other too. When there is a newcomer, they usually interview him, and if he feels ready, he has the option to suck the cock of an ActiveDuty veteran. In some cases, the guy’s second video is also a blowjob, especially if he was one of those who said that they are heterosexual. Those videos which feature actual penetration are very exciting. In these the experienced ActiveDuty members are fucking the newcomers, but there are scenes where two newbies, or to professionals fuck one another.


The ActiveDuty is a recommended porn page for those who enjoy watching hard sex and gets turned on by knowing that the guys he is watching are real soldiers and marines. Since the studio has a long history, you can feel assured of the quality, and it seems that the site will be there for long years and decades to come. With the few extras it offers, the membership worth the price, but don’t forget that you are here for the hot porn of Dink Flamingo’s ActiveDuty.

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