88Square review88Square review

88Square review

Site Overview

Have you ever imagined of lying in bed with a beautiful and exotic woman beside you? Her brown skin is so flawless that you just want to lick her up all over just for foreplay. Well, if Asian women are your thing, 88Square is the adult site for you. 88Square is not just an all-Asian models porn site. From time to time they also feature White beauties or Latina lovelies to balance the scale. But generally, this is a 95% Asian-dominated featured models and sexy site. You will see Thai women with other Thai women. You will see Chinese women who love to wear barely there lingerie. You will see Japanese women eating big cocks. There are also Korean gals who want to be on top, every single time.

These are just a few of what is in store for you if you become a member of 88Square. You can browse on these photos anytime you want without having to pay for extra. If you want to watch a full length porn movie with a complete cast and story line, access to 88Square will give you 5,277 high definitions and expertly shot full-length porn movies. If you want a porn movie marathon, depending on your sexual craving, it is all possible. Just download the movies or you can watch the live shows every single week. Now, 88Square belongs to a network, as mentioned. The other sister sites of 88Square will be accessible to you. Sign up for 88Square and you get an additional of 16 websites a site about horny MILFS, a site about plump sweethearts, a site about all-Filipina sexy ladies, a site about female to female, a site about hardcore sex and a lot more. No wonder 88Square has been awarded the 2014 Top Site according to Rabbits Review. It is a great site for adults, like you, who can have their horny fix and fun.

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Design and features

What can you get if you become a member of 88Square? Every day, the network will provide updates as to the live cam shows, the new photos added, the new models or the additional videos uploaded. Regarding downloads, once you become a member, there is no limit as to how many you want to DL. The site will provide you 100% unlimited access. Regarding the content of 88Square, it is purely exclusive. No other site has the exact same videos in which 88Square and its network has shown privately to its members. And yes, it is a members-only porn site which is why you have to sign up and become a member if you want to view these scrumptious models in action. When you get to the homepage, you have to press the YES, I AGREE sign before you will be redirected to the menu. Once you get there, you will have a little bit of taste on what 88Square has to offer. You will see the PHOTOS heading (all in all there are 790,086 high resolution photos, at the moment and it increases week after week). If you click that, you will see photo teasers of the newest and most recently uploaded photos in 88Square.

The photo will have the name of the model, the date it was added and the minutes of the video. Next is the VIDEO page. It showcases all the recent uploads. Looking at the dates, 88Square uploads a new video almost every day. In some days, there are at most 2-3 videos. The OUR MODELS page features all the hotties in 88Square. Their screen names are mentioned under their pictures and the number of sets they have accomplished in 88Square is also stated. Some of the models are fully clothed but for some, the pic includes a cock in the profile, their boobies hanging out, they are fingering themselves or being eaten down there. That is just a few. After that, the members log in and sign up page is available. If you want to join in, you can try the site for a day. You may also want to become a 30-day, 60-day or 90-day member. But signing up for the annual membership will be big savings on your part. Remember, 17 sites including 88Sqaure, it is a very great deal indeed.

Girls and videos

The girls of 88Square are mostly Asians from Thailand, China, Hongkong, Korea, Cambodia, Japan, Philippines and many more. These brown beauties are bold and exciting, to say the least. They look exotically beautiful in every angle with their black hair, brown skin tone and brown/black eyes. Some of them are not tall at all, unlike Caucasian porn stars, but they have the hour glass figure. These Asian women from 88Square have big boobs, sexy waist, and curvy hips. If you love big butts, most of them are bootylicious too.

You will be able to watch models like Katherine Chow, Ploy Minyee, Gok Grongring, Cindy Kherang, Bella Yong and Dolla Dolaya, among others. There are 2900 models! Just take your favorite pick. Of course, there are some non-Asian models like Shelia Faye and Vanessa Carey. 88Square tries to provide a variety of exotic stars and succeeds at it. The videos were shot beautifully. No cheap looking scenes and backdrops. If the movies were not shot on set, it was on a private place; all of which are in high quality and high definition. No buffering. You will get the best viewing pleasure for sure.


88Square does not sound horny or porn-like at all. You can talk about it openly with your friends because of the name 88Square; there is no adult tune to it. But it is purely for adults who love Asian ladies getting fucked loudly, in secret or out in the public. It is about more than 4000 hours of love making, hard core fucking, sucking, licking, ass penetrating, fingering, and all kinds of ing to a sex word. Preview likes how the pictures of 88Sqaure appeal to the visitors and gave it a 92/100 rating. Rabbit Reviews gave it the same rating and added that Asian women are not too demure as everyone thinks they are and that is true!

The Best Porn commented that 88Square’s content is awesome and the galleries are looking really great. These are expert porn site checkers and they commend 88Square. It is a worthy site for every man and woman to be a member in. At the end of the day when you and your partner is tired from a hard day’s work, all you have to do is put on 88Square in your mobile phone or PC, then you two can enjoy the night away with some wine and 88Square. Adding it to your other monthly subscriptions is definitely worth it.

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