18CloseUp review18CloseUp review

18CloseUp review

Site Overview

Best HD GF porn site in the Internet, 18CloseUp offers the greatest collection of porn videos that are dedicated in a sweetheart’s anatomy. Explore their most intimate parts in the closest way possible without leaving the comfort of your own home. Captured in full HD, watching the videos is like tasting and licking those pussies all by yourself!

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Design and features

Even if you’re not a certified porn surfer or critic, you can easily say that 18CloseUp is intently focused on a specific mission. This is to serve the most beautiful darlings with the freshest cunts for all the pussy lovers out there! They offer everything in high quality and you’ll surely get sexually engaged at once. The way this site defines its porn objection is highly commendable.
The site is not your usual porn site. You can easily drown into your pussy fantasies with the full screen welcome. Juicy pussies being fingered and licked will welcome you in the homepage. There are helpful menus where you can get a more streamlined experience. But you can skip that for a while if you’re too excited to see what awaits you inside.

As a porn surfer, I always have this particular craving to read a video description. If you like it as much as I do, then I’m sure you’re gonna sit long in front of your computer just to read them one by one. The videos are represented by thumbnails and there’re valuable details below such as the name of the model, the availability of the content for streaming or downloading and the size of the video for your device storage. By pointing your cursor, you will be shown a set of images that are taken from the full-length videos.

This is really hot, I’m telling you. If you want a full-screen image of the model, you just have to click it and there, you’ll gonna have her fully naked on your screen. With the crystal clear quality, I’m sure you’re going to see each and every detail in the sweetheart’s body. The latest movies are available in Full HD MP4s and even the earlier entries can be viewed in excellent quality. What’s even nicer is when you click on a part, suggested and connected videos will appear right alongside it. You won’t have trouble hunting them down.

The model index is a favourite feature as well. 18CloseUp offers a collection of models coming from different races. So whatever type of ethnicity you have in mind, you’ll never have trouble finding a sexy girlfriend here. Whether you want black, blonde or brunette, you’ll have multiple choices within a click. These chicks are all set up to make you cum over and over again.
There’s a separate page for updates and there is always something to look forward to. You’ll be delighted once you’ve seen the huge number of pages that hold the available videos. For members, streaming and downloads can be done without limits. This is definitely one of the best opportunities to watch and explore pussies in one of the most comfortable way possible!

Girls and videos

18CloseUp is an impressive porn site with its rich content and technically wise layout and design. The user interface is amazing as well and the videos are organised and sleek. The models complement the site’s description. Once inside, what you see is what you get. The freshest cunts are all yours to feast on!
From photos to movies, you can smile to yourself with the fantastic quality. This is where you’ll feel the best encounter with pussies and various types of sex toys. The scenes are highly devoted to close up shots of pink pussies that are being jammed and played upon by fingers to show the tight and wet holes. The swollen labia and clits are puckering with excitement. Big and perky tits being fondled are added bonus. Watch closely as pussies contract and drip with delicious white liquids.


With 18CloseUp, get up close and personal with nubile hotties in high-quality videos and images. In every scene, you’ll feel so close that it feels like your actually tasting and licking those mouthwatering pussies! There’s a lot of content to get going so signing up for membership today is a real must!

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