Nora BarcelonaNora Barcelona

Nora Barcelona

Nora Barcelona

Nora Barcelona is one of the most exciting and devilishly beautiful porn actresses from Spain. She was born in Barcelona, Spain on June 19, 1991. Nora Barcelona is five ft 5 inches tall, and she weighs around 53 kgs. This blonde Spanish busty girl has breathtaking measurements of 32B-23-35, and she has brown eyes naturally. This blonde, fragile and delicate appearance is one of the most wanted actresses that we enjoy today. It is probably impossible to find a more active and smartest girl than Nora Barcelona. It seems she is always ready to charge people with positive emotions and passion and this is it because she does everything with love and great desire. She was born blonde in a sports family: her father played football, and her mother was a trainer at the gym. Due to the same reason this energetic and active girl was also interested in different games in her earlier years. All these memories are still in her mind, but she is not particularly fond of talking about it. Her main hobby was to go to training with her father and to see how the attractive and beautiful guys used to play football. Nora used to spend hours waiting for her beloved daddy, and she was so much attached to her father in her early age. When she grew up a little, she decided that she will also become a footballer. When she grew up a little more, Barcelona learned about sex at the age of twelve years. In that age, she learned so many things like all the secrets and watching porn movies. The sex maniac was very happy that she is aware of so many things at such an early age.

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Her Porn Career

When Nora Barcelona was fifteen years old, she started her career as a dancer but soon she had to quit it because of her enrollment in school. Moving to a new city, the Spanish beauty wasn’t fond of mingling with new people around and she used to stay at home after school. However, she became friends with her neighbor who started to introduce her to the joys of life. After a while, the mischievous girl decided to have sex with that boyfriend of hers and from that point on she was completely off the track. Both of them used to record their sex videos, but that was just for fun and enjoyment. They never sold or uploaded their videos on the internet. Her entrance in the adult entertainment industry was just like an incident. She was offered a photo shoot by a porn photographer who got inspired after watching this blonde busty Spanish beauty. He offered her a lot of money as he knew that this girl is going to make a good career in the porn industry due to her facial expressions, her nice curvy body, and her beautiful butt. Nora Barcelona agreed to work for him only in photo shoots and for around two years she worked with him and showed her sexy nude body in front of the camera. Nora Barcelona felt that this is not the end of it, and she must go a step further to get more popularity and fame. Therefore, she decided to enter the adult entertainment industry and in 2012 she appeared in her first porn movie. She wasn’t nervous or uncomfortable at all because sex was not something new for her neither she was getting nude in front of others for the first time – thanks to nude photo shoots. In almost three years of her career so far, Nora Barcelona has appeared in a number of porn movies, and she has been associated with almost all major porn studios. This Spanish beauty has proved to the world that she has got all the talents and skills to make someone cum in a matter of few moments. In addition to porn, Nora Barcelona is also engaged in a half-dance, and once a week she goes dancing at a Monaco club.

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Personal Life and Likes

Nora Barcelona in her personal life is a party, girl. She loves to go dancing parties, and she also goes to dancing clubs on the regular basis. Nora Barcelona believes that dance is something she cannot live without. She likes to listen to a good hip-hop music in her free time. Nora has got a German shepherd who she calls ‘Tommy’, and she likes to spend some time with Tommy that was gifted to her by a friend. Nora Barcelona loves her family a lot, and she gives proper time to her family. They use to go out for dining on weekends and spend a memorable time. Nora loves it when she gets appreciation from her fans through her Twitter account, and she likes to share regularly her personal life experiences with them.