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Mona Wales

Mona Wales

The beauty of California Mona Wales was born on March 14, 1985, in California, United States. She is a blonde chick with little but appealing tits. This green-eyed slut has so much attraction in her eyes that invites people to give time to her pussy. This blonde girl has a good height of 5 ft. and 9 inches and she weighs 121 lbs. Her sexy body measures 36B-26-34, which makes her quite attractive for opposite sex. She lost her virginity when Mona was just 17, and she lost it to her boyfriend. The pretty girl had successfully passed the auditions and started shooting a lot. Now she gives not only the physical and moral but aesthetic satisfaction as well. The fact that Mona was studying at the art institution reveals the fact that she is the very solid creative person, most mischievous and restless inventor, and a true follower of new trends and opinions. It reveals a lot about her personality meaning she is not just dumb pornstar that only knows how to have sex but she is also artistic and talented

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Beautiful Blonde Girl

The blonde hair and beautiful eyes of this Californian beauty are incredibly expressive and look like a shiny star in the sky. People who randomly visit different websites for porn clips immediately stop after watching the pretty look of this blonde chick. Her ass is so dense and elastic that we even think that this girl from California intentionally engaged in fitness training to strengthen the muscles of her ass. However, this isn’t true. Mona loves to travel, so her pretty strong legs are always in great shape. She loves the lesbian genre most as Mona simply loves to fuck a girl. She loves it when she makes the female porn stars scream while she is playing with their pussy. It is in her nature to go wild and make others go wild too. She is also fond of solo scenes, and the horny girl likes to play with her own body as well. She loves the fingering and loves to play with different sex toys to produce thick liquid from her front hole. Mona is not married, and she isn’t even thinking about it right now. She believes that she has got a lot of things to do in the porn industry, and after marriage her focus on work and porn might fluctuate, and she does not need that. Therefore, she said that when her creativity dries up, only then can she think about sedentary and starting a family.

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Adult Entertainment Career

Pretty Mona from California tried to prove herself as an erotic model for a long time. She is the one who never gave up, and she always used to dream big. Her passion for publicity and wealth enabled her to join the porn industry, and her dedication can be clearly observed in her movies. Mona Wales was never framed by modesty and shyness that allowed her without a bit of hesitation to express herself in the porn industry. At the beginning of her career, she acted quite rarely. After several mediocre roles in low-level porn, she still managed to get an order of magnitude higher and get to more serious producers. Finally, she was able to prove her expertise and skills that compelled the big names in the porn industry to offer her contracts. Mona Wales felt free to participate in many genres of films for adults. Whether it is group sex with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and maybe anal penetration, she gladly showed her acting skills over and over again. Mona Wales took a little break after the release of her few super hit porn movies. She did it to analyze her performances and to decide her future moves in the porn industry. After the break, the porn actress Mona Wales worked on her weak points that she realized in her self-analysis (although people loved to watch her previously too). Beauty also decided to prepare better for the popularity, decided to begin posting actively on social networks. Mona Wales now communicates with her fans on the regular basis through Twitter and Instagram. She has a pretty busy schedule in the porn industry and therefore, it can be assumed that Mona Wales is definitely going to achieve great success. And given that this chick has extensive stage experience and is ready for any experiments in the field of sex, then she definitely will go far in the porn industry. She is not the one who loves to have sex in the slow and romantic way, but she is of the firm belief that sex only gives pleasure when it is done in the dirty and hard way. Among her major porn hits include; Bisexual Pick Ups that was released in 2015, Divine Bitches 6 released in previous year i.e. 2014, Knock You Down a Peg is also among her 2014 releases, My Evil Stepmom Fucked My Ass 2 is among her latest releases in 2015, Public Disgrace 34572 that was released in 2014, Rogue Adventures 40 was also released in 2014, The Upper Floor 34701 that was her initial release in 2013, The Upper Floor 34702 that was filmed in 2014, The Upper Floor 34969 in 2014, Ultimate Surrender 11 in 2015, and Whipped Ass 10 in 2015.