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Eva Notty

Eva Notty

Eva Notty is a famous female porn actress from Arizona, United States who was born on July 7, 1982. She has the cup size of 40F which can amazingly make you cum in few moments when she gets naked. She has the nationality of United States, Germany, and Puerto Rico. The girl keeps on changing her hair color and sometimes she can be seen performing as a brunette with huge tits, sometimes she is red-haired beauty, sometimes Notty appears in auburn hair color – one slut with different looks. She is 5 feet, 9 inches tall and weighs 145 lbs. Her full body measures 40F-28-34 and the girl loves tattoos on her body. At current, Notty has a tattoo on her upper left arm, one on her back, one on her thigh, a tattoo of a woman on her leg just above the ankle. Notty – thanks to its natural roots has excellent curvy shape that she does not look plump. She has gorgeous natural breasts and round delicious ass from which it is impossible to take your eyes off when she appears on the screen. Actress attracts the viewer’s attention with her beautiful snow-white smile and way she seduces her male partners is surely amazing to watch. This porn star has gained enough popularity for her extraordinary qualities and the ability to excite and gratify any man. But it should be noted that the actress prefers to have sex with big dick guys, arguing that they are more hard fuckers. Nevertheless, she has a lot of work with an interesting plot, where she also happily indulges Europeans and gets pleasure from it.

Eva Notty - Bio

Career in Adult Entertainment Industry

The girl from Arizona joined the porn industry a little late i.e. at the age of 27 years in 1993. However, she took it as a challenge and performed well enough to compete with comparatively girls with early age. At twenty-seven, she was on the verge of one of the sex studios with the firm intention of becoming a famous actress adult movie. Fame did not come overnight to the girl, she had to undergo a full course of aspiring porn model. The first works were to group scenes and lesbian scenes to budding actress could feel the whole atmosphere of the film set, used to the constant presence of cameras next to her, as well as to prove herself against other competitors. And it must be said that she quite succeed. She is quite active during the filming, attracts from the first seconds of the game and not only for her tits, but for her amazing sex moves. Notty has on her credit dozens of short films plot of more than twenty minutes, the set of presentation reels advertising, which are available free of charge. After watching these videos, one can get an idea of the nature of the work of this unique actress. These short clips compels the viewers to watch her full-length movies and helps her to raise her rating. Notty did not limit her work in one particular direction, she immediately decided that she has to show all her skills in all genres of adult movies. During this time, she showed her talent in oral sex, which few can compare with her abilities, her plump lips works wonders, leading to orgasm of huge dicks. She likes to use in her work all kinds of sexy accessories such as dildos, vibrators, etc., which gives her a special flavor. Notty has worked well in the porn industry since the start of her career. The girl is passionate enough to work for a longer period of time in the porn industry. Currently, she can be seen performing the roles of MILF and the girl wants to play the role of granny when she gets older.

Eva Notty - Video

Girl with Bright Features

Notty has proved that girls from Arizona are rich in beauty and sex, and are no less brilliant than the grils from any other part of the world, where thousands of models and talented actresses working for the good of the porn industry and its prosperity. According to Notty, at the age of 27 she realized that it was the time to show her sexuality and acting, as well as, to properly evaluate what she wants from life. Beauty confidently went to meet success, seeing her bright future in the capacity of porn star. Notty believes that just being an actress one is always in search of roles and work, but if you become a porn actress, the work and relevance are guaranteed. For long enough experience in the virtual gratification of men, Notty has acquired many useful skills that are now successfully used on the set. Right from the start of her career, she looked like an adult and experienced woman who knows all the wisdom of sex, and she knows exactly how to deliver the pleasure to men not only through physical contact, but also through the visual. Cutie is one of her kind who is capable of causing an incredible excitement, and when she reaches out, then plunges everyone into a pleasant shock and people considers them fortunate enough to enjoy it. In addition to sexual skills, Notty skillfully uses her superior body on all cylinders. Beautiful, slim body with amazing shape is used by Notty in the right direction, to create a very bright, fresh, and sexy profile, that has enabled this American beauty her to gather millions of loyal fans and to promote U.S. porn industry to the world level.