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Emily Parker

Emily Parker – Introduction

Emily Parker is a well-recognized pornstar in the world of porn that belongs to California, United States. The girl was born on August 20, 1986, and she is just 29 years old. The hazel-eyed girl kicked off her career in the porn industry in 2009 at the age of 23. The sexy brunette from California is also known as Emily Pukee. She moved to Los Angeles due to her same curiosity and will to do something big. Her pretty facial features are due to her mixed ethnic background of Spanish, Japanese, and Irish roots. God bless her mixed ethnicity that makes her amongst the prettiest faces in the porn world. The girl likes to masturbate, and she considers it her favorite hobby. She says that its a mere wonder how you can pleasure yourself. The girl contains eye-catching measurements of 34DD-26-38, and she is 5 feet, 9 inches tall that make her different from other female porn stars in the industry. She has appeared in a lot of porn genres since her entrance in the porn industry including Facial, Anal, Interracial, Swallow, Bald, Squirt, Creampie, Fisting, and CumSwap among many others. The girl is quite wild in nature when her sexual feelings are at peak, and she loves it when her busty ass is smashed harder by her sex partner. The girl perfectly fits the definition of slut, and she knows how to portray her sexy body parts in front of the camera to seduce people on another side of the screen. The girl knows the power of cum and she swallows it well to energize herself. However, Emily loves to lick and suck shaved cocks most of the times.

Emily Parker - Bio

Career in Adult Entertainment Industry

Cutie Serena Blair of California began building a career as a porn actress in 2009 at the age of twenty-three. California crumpet from the US with gorgeous breasts and delicious ass has gained her position in the list of most famous female porn stars in a quick span of time. She has gained popularity among thousands of her fans and has worked with most famous porn stars in the industry. Hazel-eyed brunette knows a lot about seducing men. Her anus is so beautiful and flexible that catches the attraction of anyone watching her performing anal sex scenes. According to Emily, anal sex was previously considered by her as the toughest genre of porn, and she was quite reluctant to perform it. However, she realized that this can push her backward in comparison to her rivals in the industry, and then she tried it. She says that it is very agonizing at the start to take a huge dick in the anal hole, but once it gets inside, everything goes in a smooth and pleasant way. Double penetration is the favorite sexual entertainment for Emily. She firmly believes that she finds it very good when two dicks are digging her holes at the same time. Emily is considered as a mature and excellent American ass in the porn industry, perhaps the most attractive and juicy woman of current times. The actress is so naturally and passionately devoted to the love of fucking, and she believes in multiplying this joy by showing herself onscreen while getting fucked. Emily has a pretty and very feminine tummy that captivates the viewers while she is being fucked in doggie style. And the actress, to get a more intense orgasm, squeezes her hand down her stomach and after a few seconds juicy white liquid can be seen erupting from her juicy vagina.

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Private Life of the Porn Star

American anal queen is quite modest and picky woman in the home. She is a serious, educated, and even a cultural woman. Emily likes her privacy, where she can spend her time reading different books, and by the way, she likes to go to a bowling alley as well. The woman is still very attractive and is not going to finish her career soon as she loves sex, and her whole body feeds on it and she cannot think of living a single day without tasting few dicks. Emily spends a lot of time talking to her fans on the Internet, from all over the world. She likes to respond to their comments, and her social profiles are full of admiring reviews of fans and admirers of her talent. According to Emily’s point of view, ignoring fans can considerably reduce the ratings of a porn star, and therefore, she tries her level best to keep them updated with her daily life happenings. Emily loves to live the life in natural and normal way. She isn’t the one who is difficult to talk to. She keeps her daily life routine simple, for instance, she can be seen in a shopping mall buying different clothes and undergarments, she can be seen in a park walking her pet, she can be seen at the beach sunbathing, and other similar normal routine things. She is of the view that porn is just her profession, and she never regrets her decision to enter the porn world. However, Emily loves to find new sex partners in her routine life as well. She likes the guys with tall bodies and strong muscles that can really smash her ass wildly in the bedroom.