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Ava Dalush

Ava Dalush

The stunning beauty of Ava Dalush leads to the Middle East. The thrilling mixture of British innocence and the Iranian exotic strong ladies makes her unique in her appearance. She is the walking proof of the success of the globalization, producing more and more amazing miracles and stunning beauty. She was named as Penthouse Pet 2015, and for a good reason, a title that pushes her in line with the famous Samantha Bentley among so many others across the years among the line of beauties since 1970. She has been working for her career since 2012 when she was 23 years old. She has been born in the UK on 23 June 1989. It must be due to her unique and stunning, captivating smile and pretty eyes that appeal to so many directors, to the good audience, and attracts so many remarkable award nominations for her. Almost then nominations in just three years led her finally this year to win her first award.

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Mischievous girl

She claims to enjoy what she does and that it gives her the satisfaction she needs. And surely, one could do nothing but nod in the agreement, as the things really seem to be like that. Her captivating beauty just increases as her career goes on, and all the sexy guys are always eager to perform with her, either on the stage or behind the scenes. It is also good to recall that any miracle and success has more or less been built on top of the contrasting themes. In a way Ava Dalush has proven this point to be true too, as her role as “class clown” as she puts it, is transformed into world class adult performer with mixing backgrounds and ambitions combining into the stunning and captivating composition of attractive personality and performance.

Movies like no other

During her career since 2012 in just about three years, she has been credited for her performance in nearly 70 adult movie titles. And these are not just any titles, but produced by the world-class studios, brands and distributors like EvilAngel, New Sensations, Private, Brazzers among many more others. Her repertoire of the scenes ranges from casual facial episodes, lesbian girl to girl action all the way to horny blowjobs (with swallow!). But one genre is missing. “I can’t”, she responds when she was asked about if she would be doing anal scenes. However there are so many girls in the industry working in that particular genre, that there is no need for Ava Dalush to try to push there. And surely her pussy is such a beauty and her diligent performance stunning, that there might not even be room in her figure for that horny action. Despite she goes about going in various positions and settings for the movies, across that wide range of scenes, she makes it clear what is her favorite position, she loves doggy style. And she seems to be very proud of that choice and to declare it in clear. She even has the definitive specification of the optimal length of cock to fuck her. That brings about an image of a professional and intelligent woman, who knows what she wants and how to get it quickly. In addition to the traditional movie performances, she has been engaging in about 60 distinctive web brands, all the most known ones but also a wide range of smaller niche brands not so well known for the wide public. While many of these smaller brands are just reselling the existing material, and acting as a pseudo-brands, her excessive presence, and stable brand can become the source of growth for her future career, let it be in the web or the high-class movie industry on the stage.

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Bridging the US and Europe

As famous Proxy Paige was announcing to move into European markets, namely into Amsterdam, the sin city of the continent, Ava Dalush has already built up her identity which sets her foot steadily on the mainland but also on the US west coast porn hub of Los Angeles. In that she is an exception to the rule, and builds her identity distinctively as pure American porn stars who never went abroad, and to the European or Asian newcomers who try to enter the American scene. Some of the newcomers might face the difficulties and barriers on the entry on the established casting structures, even despite their stunning beauty, but Ava Dalush doesn’t seem to suffer the same. Her role in the routine casting for the best American brands is stable and solid, even with many relevant nominees granted for her outside the foreign category. The actress loved performing in the American Porn Industry as she strongly believes that Porn culture is celebrated in America and not considered a taboo. The award ceremonies are held to honor the achievements and good performances which is something that should be implemented in UK too. With this experience she has, she will surely act as the caliphate of the bridge between the US and the UK, if not towards the whole Europe. Surely as the time passes, the collaboration and interconnectivity of the domestic industries will become more and more important, as neither of the two (nor three) can survive alone of the winds and storms of the globalization of the adult industry.