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Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce is a famous adult star who was born on March 1, 1974. Derrick also hosts radio talk shows, and he started his career in the adult entertainment industry back in 2005. His mother took him in his childhood to Southern California, and he spent his early life in San Fernando Valley. This master blaster porn star was born half black. His father left him when he came to know that Derrick was a homosexual. He is a gay wigger as it prompts Derrick of his black father who left his mother in his very early age. This great porn star is also capable of talking a very good lisp but he only does it with female porn stars because he was made as a bitch when he was in prison, and Derrick feels that he is a girl when talks to a female. Derrick was raised only by his mother, and his life is firmly influenced by her and the main cause for Derrick’s strong feelings of respect for females. His mother was also an adult star, and she was a hooker. Due to growing up in such an environment where Derrick was always surrounded by beautiful whores resulted in Derrick’s attraction for sex. Derrick’s first sexual experience was when he was only 13 years old, and he believes that opposite gender always love to talk to him. In his early age, Derrick’s mother was afraid that he probably will not make it past the age of 16 due to his harsh and awkward conduct and routine, however, she knows of his career in the porn world and is usually helpful of whatever Derrick does.

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His Porn Career

Derrick joined the porn industry in 2005. He first performed with Vanessa Lane in a movie called Gothsend 4. Till 2008, right after three years of joining the porn industry, Derrick worked in more than 100 feature films. Before joining the porn industry, Derrick was a martial art instructor in Southern California. In the same gym where he used to instruct martial arts, Derrick met a lady Lexi Tyler, who was a pornstar and dancer. She persuaded Derrick and told him that he would do great in porn. Derrick ultimately accepted the offer and signed with L.A. Direct Models and instantly started to work as a porn star. In 2008, he became the co-host, with Kylie Ireland, of Playboy’s Sirius Radio show, “The Friday Night Threeway”. Derrick is entertaining people since last ten years, and he hasn’t stopped yet. He is still passionate to smash pussies like he was on his very first day of the shoot. Due to the same passion and lust for sex, Derrick has won many words and nominations for different categories. For instance: he won Unsung Male Performer of the Year by AVN Award in 2010, Derrick has been nominated in different years for Best Male Newcomer, Best Group Sex Scene, Best Actor, Best Couples Sex Scene for acting with Stefani Morgan, Best Supporting Actor, Best Threeway Sex Scene, , Best Safe Sex Scene, and Best Supporting Actor. He was nominated in all these categories by AVN Awards. Also, Derrick won Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release in 2014 by XBIZ Awards. He was also nominated by XBIZ Awards for; Male Performer of the Year (five times till date), Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release (with Gracie Glam), Director of the Year – Feature Release, Best Supporting Actor (twice till date), Best Scene – Feature Movie (with Jessica Drake), Best Actor – Feature Movie, and Best Supporting Actor. For Derricks remarkable and mind-blowing sex scenes, he was announced as the winner in the category of New Stud by XRCO Award. Moreover, he was nominated for XRCO Award in 2008 for Single Performance – Actor category.

Personal Life and Likes

Derrick Pierce, due to the effects of his early years has turned into a wild fucker. He grew up in such an environment where he used to be surrounded by his mother’s colleague (all of them were porn stars). He was so much influenced by sex and fucking right from his early age that resulted in his sex loving personality. He is not a vanilla style lover; he loves rough fucking and pounding pussies. Derrick hates his father who left him and his mother in very early stage of his life. Derrick, in his routine life, is not different from his porn industry life. He is the one sex machine who is always looking for new pussies and asses to thrust his huge dick into. He likes to smash and slap the ass of women while fucking. He is not the one who likes to start slowly, sensually or intimately. He loves to be wild right from very first second of getting naked. Although, he performs according to the directions but he has to control his wild emotions in such slow scenes.

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Derrick Pierce – Complete Sex Package

Derrick loves to be straight, and he doesn’t prefer to perform with other male stars at all. He believes that he is the one of those who has a heterosexual orientation. On the contrary, when he is involved in boy-boy-girl scenes, Christianx is frequently involved with him. This might be due to the reason that Derrick has done sex with him, and he simply cannot control his dick when he sees him naked. Derrick’s crush is Asian, as well as, Latin males. Derrick doesn’t like to be called as a porn star, just like many other porn stars, but he likes to be called as an adult entertainer or adult performer. Derrick is not quitting in near future from the adult entertainment industry as he thinks that he still has to go a very long way. Till now, his desire and lust for pussies and asses have not been completely fulfilled neither it seems to be fulfilled in near future. Therefore, this sex machine is still on to entertain the people around the world.